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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I have to be online all the time?

Yes you do. The system needs a constant flow of information between you and our servers to record your data.

Q2. Am I able to download the App for the iPhone?

You can access the site on your mobile phone but there is no App.  You can add ATPL Online to your home screen using these instructions.

Q3. Can I use ATPL Online on my iPhone as well as my iPad?

Yes, we have designed the site to work on both devices.

Q4. Can more than one person use my account?

Your username and password are unique to you and all accounts are for personal use only. When you set up an account your username and password must be kept safe and must not be used by any other persons. Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in your account being suspended.

Q5. How do I change or reset my password/username or email?

Password:  If you forget or wish to change your password, please use the ‘Forgotten your Details?’ option below the 'Login' button and enter the email address you supplied during your signup.

Username: If you forget your username, you can also ask for a username reminder by clicking on the same link.

Email: There is no facility for you to change your email address, however, if you send us an email at we can do this for you. The same applies if you wish to change your Username.

Q6. When and how can I renew my subscription?

You can renew your subscription at any time or wait until you reach the end of your subscription when you will be asked if you want to re-subscribe and for what length of time. If you make multiple purchases or have a gap between renewals, note that all data is saved on our servers for only 6 months after your subscription has expired and provided you re-subscribe prior to this date, you can carry on where you left off.

Additionally: Seen, problem and flagged questions are stored for a maximum of 14 days following the expiry of a subscription. The retaking of recent exams are also no longer supported after this period.

Q7. How can I redeem a discount code?

If you receive an email from us with a discount code (valid for 30 days), please click on the 'Redeem discount now' link. This will take you to the subscription page which shows the already discounted prices.

Note: The discount prices are ONLY applicable to payments made in Pounds Sterling.

Q8. How can I request a refund if my credit card is charged more than once or if I have selected the wrong subscription?

If in the event of your credit card being charged more than once or if you have accidentally selected the wrong subscription, please send an email to  We will arrange for a refund which will be processed through PayPal, who handle all ATPL transactions. (Note: This will take a minimum of 24 hours and may take longer at weekends or during statutory holiday periods). Refunds for any other reason are dealt with individually and on a pro-rata basis depending on how long the account has been in use and how many days are remaining.

Q9. What is the best way to study?

There is no right or wrong, your way of studying is personal to you.  Please see the ‘Help’ section on the home page for advice on how to get started and get the most out of studying with ATPL Online.

It is important to remind you that rote-learning of answers to the questions is not recommended, as you must learn each subject and understand how the answers are reached.  Question content, such as numerical values, can and does change and a seemingly familiar question may have a different answer to the one you may be expecting to see.

Q10. Do all the questions have Learning Objectives assigned to them?

The Learning Objectives (LOs) in the database are matched as closely as possible to the EASA LOs. All the questions apart from about 7 or 8 have been assigned LOs (we do not have the LOs for the ones that haven’t). History has shown that the LOs set by the authorities are not 100% accurate (although very close) and we have no control over this. It is best to use the LO function together with the search function to get the questions you need.

Q11. Can I take an exam with all the questions in one subject in one attempt?

You can take an exam with all the questions in a particular Learning Objective but not with all the questions in that subject. You can also take a practice exam up to 100 questions or you can use the sequential option for up to 200 questions at a time. Experience has shown us that limiting the number of questions allows the system to function more efficiently and students are better protected if their internet goes down for any reason.

Q12. Why can't I see my answers?

If you cannot see your answers it is because you have selected a simulated exam rather than a practice exam.

Q13. How does the ‘Recent Progress’ graph work?

The system saves any completed test that you do that has a minimum of 20 questions. If you do a test with less than 20 questions it will not appear on your Progress graph. The graph will show the latest 25 tests.

Q14. How are my exams stored on the database?

At the end of a test, you will be asked to enter a name for the test. It is defaulted to the abbreviated subject name eg GEN, but you can give it any name you wish, up to 50 characters. It will automatically record the date you took the test and the score you achieved. All completed tests of 20 questions or more will be recorded on the graph on your home page. The graph will show the latest 25 tests.

Q15. Can I reset/delete my problem questions?

It is now possible to delete seen, problem and flagged questions at any time. Also flagged questions are stored separately from problem questions.

Q16. Why are the problem questions now separated by Para and Subpara?

At the request of many users, the problem questions are categorised by Learning Objective. All the problem questions are still there but now separated out. You can still select these questions either individually (Ctrl + click on each question) or by a random selection using the dropdown list.

Q17. How often are the questions updated?

The database is kept as up to date as possible.  The national aviation authorities have the right to introduce new questions and when we hear about them through your feedback, we upload them to the site immediately.

Q18. What do I do if I think that a question is incorrect, confusing or I am not sure the answer is as shown?

Sometimes a question may appear incorrect or ambiguous, unfortunately they often appear this way in the exams.  If you need clarification please send us an email and this will be forwarded to one of our Subject Matter Experts who can advise you directly.

Q19. What happens if I get an ‘Authentication Error’ message?

The main reason for authentication errors will be either as a result of someone logging in as you using your login details when you are already logged in or, more likely, that the settings on your internet browser (all browsers have different settings) may be blocking the cookies required for the site. Therefore you should ensure that cookies are enabled on your browser. If you are using an iPad make sure that ‘Accept Cookies’, ‘Javascript’ and ‘Block Pop-ups’ are all activated. We also recommend that you delete your Temporary Internet Cache and reset your system and router.

Q20. What do I do if the website goes down for a significant period of time?

Our website is now monitored throughout the world and any drop in performance is now notified to us immediately. If it is not something we can fix immediately we will place a note on our website and our Twitter page - @@atponline - and give you an estimated time for it to be fixed. Clearly we would like zero down time but sometimes servers do go down and we want to assure you that we will always try to get the problem fixed and back working again as soon as possible.

Q21. When do you make changes to the website and the server?

General changes to the content of our website take place regularly and you should not notice any down time at all as these changes are uploaded. However, major Windows Server updates need to occur occasionally and these will always take place on the second Wednesday of every month between 0600 and 0700 GMT. These essential updates could mean that the site may be unavailable during this period.

Q22. How can I give you feedback?

If you have anything you wish to tell us, feedback from the exams, you have spotted a typo or a duplicate question or anything that hampers your study, then you can get in touch with us by email at